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Keeping your IT and communication equipment clean is integral to your business’s performance. A hygienic environment promotes efficient operation and minimises issues which could have significant impacts on staff morale, productivity and sales.

At EDM, we appreciate how a simple build-up of dust could potentially cause catastrophic reputational results. As such, our professionally trained specialists use contemporary techniques to clinically clean your desktop computers, equipment and phones. Our conscientious approach ensures that personal computer equipment is maintained to the highest, most hygienic standards.

We undertake computer cleaning for a large number of London-based corporations across many industries, specialising in the cleaning of PCs, monitors and peripherals (mouse, keyboard etc.), telephones, printers, fax machines, scanners and projectors.

By working closely with Facilities Managers/Directors, our team creates a bespoke, flexible programme that responds to the needs of the business. Our diligent service delivers great results, ensuring your tech and communications systems are well-maintained, so you can enjoy a healthy return on investment and everyday cleanliness, rather than problems.

Should you wish to find more out about EDM’s computer cleaning service, please get in touch on 020 3283 8888.

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