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Laundry & Washroom

Some of the most important aspects of a working environment – be it an office block, a hotel room or a factory – are also some of the most basic; the elements that are taken for granted and considered a given. Many of these essentials relate to comfort and wellbeing, revolving around laundry and the washroom. Failure to meet expectations in these areas can be cause for complaint and impact your reputation. As such, the assurance of a top quality laundry and washroom service is vital.

When it comes to linen, there is a consistently high expectation that each individual piece must be clean, crisp and fresh – right down to the cloth napkins provided for drying hands. We will organise the collection and washing of your linen, guaranteeing a quick turnaround and delivery at your convenience. No matter what your business is, we will ensure that the linen you present to your customers exceeds expectations.

Cleaning cloth

Your washroom facilities reveal a lot: what do they say about you? Spotless facilities suggest that you’re a good employer who cares and a successful business which pays great attention to detail. Working in accordance with Health and Safety legislation, and using brand name products, our cleaning operatives ensure that your facilities are hygienic and sparkling. We can also provide washroom consumables, such as toilet paper, soaps, paper towels, hand sanitisers, sanitary products and air fresheners, arranging for disposal or maintenance where appropriate.

With EDM you can expect a tailored service programme, supply of fully-trained cleaning operatives and the flexibility to respond if and when your requirements change.

To find out how our laundry and washroom service could meet your needs, please call us on 020 3283 8888 and one of our team will happily chat through your requirements.

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