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Beautiful as London’s many remarkable buildings may be, keeping them sparkling clean often requires specific expertise and the right equipment.

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As London based cleaners, EDM Cleaning serves 100’s of clients across the city every single day of the year.

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Experts in Specialist Cleaning

Our fully trained, London based teams will focus on providing a high quality service at all times. Taking a bespoke approach, we’ll first pay a visit to assess what’s required. Then we will develop a solution that is safe, effective and works within your timeframe.

Experts in Hardfloor Cleaning

Out of Hours

EDM understands how busy office life can be. So we’ll work around you to ensure your office is cleaned whenever it suits – day or night.

Healthy Products

We select only the best products for the job, and ensure they’re tested and checked for full environmental safety.

Job Reporting

Using the latest CRM software, we can easily keep track of our teams in real time. This way, jobs are completed on time – and to our high standards.

More Information

At EDM, we appreciate that every single aspect of a working environment must be pristine, even if those cobwebs are hardly visible. This is because dirt and dust can build up, potentially causing respiratory problems or exacerbating allergies, while clogging up vital electrical equipment and impacting productivity.

All members of our specialist cleaning team have received the highest possible training, ensuring all protocols adhere to health and safety best practice. We also make sure they are qualified to use the latest technologies, cherry pickers, rope access systems and scissor lifts, vouching not only for their own safety, but that of the people nearby. This training also lets our teams deliver outstanding results, everytime.