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Window Cleaning

It goes without saying that in a competitive business world, facilities must be maintained to a high professional standard. Not only does this keep maintenance costs at a manageable level, it also leaves clients, customers and employees with the best possible impression of your business. It’s important to realise, however, that it’s the state of your windows that can have the biggest impact, positive or negative.

Windows are easily neglected, especially when they’re above ground level. However, dirty, dusty glass can give clients and prospects the wrong idea about the way your business operates; it can also have a detrimental impact on employee morale.

This is where EDM’s commercial window cleaning services come in. We have the training, equipment and skill to expertly clean even the hardest-to-reach panes. Whether your business is situated across just two floors or is a 30-storey skyscraper, we can accommodate your window cleaning needs.

High-rise window cleaning is predominantly undertaken using harnesses, with our qualified and insured operatives abseiling down the building. Delicate, unsafe or more awkward areas on the exterior can be accessed in this way – providing the building has eyebolt fixings securely in place for us to attach the ropes to (if not, we can advise/install bolts safely). This option enables us to clean without height restrictions. We’ll undertake a full assessment before going any further.

Alternatively, it might be more appropriate to use a cherry picker, scissor lift or hydraulic platform to reach your windows. This is typically the case where access is impossible via conventional methods.

Up to a certain height, we will use a water-fed pole system to clean windows. This directs water to the glass and cleans via a brush at the end of the pole – no ladder required.

Not only does our window cleaning service deliver superb results, but it also conforms to all relevant Health and Safety Executive regulations. Safety and the wellbeing of your occupants is our priority – that and sparkling windows, of course.

To learn more about our expert window cleaning services or to arrange a site visit, please contact us on 020 3283 8888.

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