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Professional Window Cleaning

All Surfaces

We provide commercial grade window cleaning for all types of external and internal glass surfaces, tailored for you.

London Based

As London based cleaners, EDM Cleaning serves 100’s of clients across the city every single day of the year.

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Professional Window Cleaning

First impressions count, especially when you think about office windows.

EDM’s professional window cleaning teams deliver an exceptional result, thanks to the right blend of training and specialist equipment.

Experts in Hardfloor Cleaning

Out of Hours

EDM understands how busy office life can be. So we’ll work around you to ensure your office is cleaned whenever it suits – day or night.

Healthy Products

We select only the best products for the job, and ensure they’re tested and checked for full environmental safety.

Job Reporting

Using our own bespoke CRM software, we can easily keep track of our teams in real time. This way, jobs are completed on time – and to our high standards.

More Information

Whether your business is situated across just two floors or it’s a modern high rise, we can accommodate your window cleaning needs.

High-rise window cleaning

Largely undertaken using harnesses, our qualified, insured operatives abseil down buildings to access unsafe or more awkward areas. This is subject to buildings having eye bolt fixings securely in place for us to attach the ropes to (if not, we can advise/install bolts safely).

This solution lets us clean without any height restrictions. We’ll undertake a full assessment before going any further.
Alternatively, it might be more appropriate to use a cherry picker, scissor lift or hydraulic platform to reach your windows. This is typically the case where access is impossible via conventional methods.

Up to a certain height, we will use a reach and wash water fed pole system to clean windows. The pole fed system directs purified water without the need of ladders and high level access equipment.

Not only does our window cleaning service deliver superb results, it also adheres to all current 2020 Health and Safety Executive regulations. Safety and the wellbeing of your occupants is our top priority – that and perfectly clean windows, of course.